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Cheryl Machat Dorskind’s offers personalized, one-on-one, online mentoring programs for the visual artist seeking creative, technical, and marketing direction. 

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  • Expand your photographic skills
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Online Mentoring

“Cheryl is the perfect mentor”

These dynamic, in-depth mentoring programs are tailored to your artistic and photographic needs. Through goal setting, assignments, instruction, critiques and video tutorials, we’ll enhance and enrich your talents, build confidence and achieve your ambitions. 

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Popular online mentoring sessions explore the following:

  •       Creating a body of work
  •       Developing your portfolio and web presence 
  •       Refining artistic style
  •       Becoming a fine art exhibiting photographer
  •       Building a photo studio 
  •       Painting photos – adding the “hand” to fine art prints
  •       Demystifying Lightroom and Photoshop all levels 
  •       Mastering your camera
  •       Critiquing – written and video
Email me and we’ll explore your objectives and create a program that is right for you. This initial consultation is free. 
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“I cannot thank you enough for your kind encouragement and gentle instruction. Each lesson I took away something important that has added significant value to my photographic journey – I have refined my processing skills, and I have learned to observe my surroundings with a different emphasis in mind.”

~Cheryl Romalho

“Cheryl talked to me about what my favorite images were, and why.  She custom designed my assignments to build on my strengths.  She pointed out my strengths, which I had not clearly seen. She introduced me to photographers that I could clearly learn from, those whose work would resonate with me. There has been a lot of personal interior work which I think partially came about as a result of Cheryl’s perceptive assignments.”

Deanna Bittker

“Cheryl taught me how to improve both the processing and the presentation of my photographs. Her instruction was both aesthetic and technical: how to see possibilities with more fertility, and how to execute a plan more smoothly. I currently use what she taught me every time I sit down to the computer.”

~Lash LaRue

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