Photo Workshops

Learn photography with celebrated photographer Cheryl Machat Dorskind while you enjoy the beauty of  The Hamptons and New York City. The Photo Workshops in The Hamptons and New York City include active hands-on lessons in camera technique (exposure modes and lens choice) and composition photo enrichment skills to ensure you learn how to capture images in a compelling manner. Plus, you’ll have a great time. 

The Hamptons Photo Workshops

“Oh the places you’ll see when you travel with me!”

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Westhampton PHoto Workshop

Hamptons Photo Workshop

Can’t make these dates? Call 516-528-4293 or email to book a private or small group session at a date and time convenient for you. More dates and locations will be added throughout the year. Join my mailing list and stay up to date with my workshop schedule.

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New York City – Photo Workshop

Photo Workshops

Who should join Photo Workshops 

A hands-on photo workshop outing is a terrific way to learn how to be a better photographer while connecting with nature and your artistic vision in New York City and The Hamptons. Learn how to express yourself with the camera. Photo Workshops – NYC and The Hamptons are open to all level of photographers and nature enthusiasts. 


“One of the best experiences of my life.”
~Carol Stamaty
“What started out as a simple outdoor photo safari with Cheryl to learn photography tips from a pro ended up opening my eyes to new approach to my own creative work. We met years ago when were young executives at CBS Records in New York City, but our modern day connection is through photography and the literary nonfiction I write. I signed up for her July 2015 Westhampton Beach photo safari to get back in touch with the art and craft and skill of taking photographs with a real camera, after tiring of the mind-numbing ease of using an iPhone and an iPad to take pictures to include in my essays.
I got the photography tips from a pro that I needed, but so much more. After making friends with the camera, we settled into the exploratory mood Cheryl created by taking us to different shooting sites along the beach. Her comfort working with a newbie, and her suggestions about composing and framing a shot, her spot on critiques of playbacks…it reminded me of the familiar process of writing and editing. I was new at it from my POV, but from Cheryl’s POV photography was simply another creative process I was learning, to which I would bring my life experience. I have always thought of words as pictures, and on that first safari it was clear to me that photographs are words. 
Since then I have done three more one-on-one outdoor safaris with Cheryl, all in New York City, dealing with different natural light, seasons, landscapes and times of day. I think anyone can learn to take good photographs. But having a mentor like Cheryl who loves to shoot, loves to teach, loves to share her passion for photography, and loves to see a mentee improve…that is a rare thing and I feel very fortunate to be able to work with her.”
~Giselle Minoli

“You figured out my issue right off the back. I have been to other workshops and they all focus on the same thing – “don’t put the subject in the middle, etc. Generic rules. But you were able to see my issue right away and it was with my camera teachnique. With a diagnosis, you were able to correct my camera settings, instruct me as to why, and now I am able to capture wildlife images like a pro.”

~Margaret Brush

“Thank you for a great workshop last Sat. I had a wonderful time. Not only did we visit some beautiful and unique landscapes but it gave me an opportunity to explore my own photography skills.  I learned what a difference a polarizing filter can make! I am very pleased with my results and loved the relaxed, supportive feel of the workshop. Thanks again for a great day. I slept well that night! :)”

~Linda Burke

“I learned on the shoot that a DOF (Depth of Field) app was available for my iPhone, and I downloaded it and Cheryl instructed me on how to use it for my D7000.  It’s very helpful and I will continue to use it in the future.  Cheryl also instructed us on which filters to use for different lighting situations and my neutral density filter was extremely useful that day.  It filtered out strong sunlight and preserved detail in my photo and my pictures were not overexposed.  Thank you, Cheryl, for your time and expertise on this shoot.”

~Lydia Seib


Rain and cloudy weather are a photographer’s friend; the Photo Workshops in NYC will run regardless of the forecast. We will use iconic landmarks and public spaces to incorporate the weather. Rain dates for The Hamptons Photo Workshops have been scheduled for the day after the workshop event at the same time. See the registration forms for exact details per photo workshop.